Sean hayes dating anyone

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Here, Hayes discusses bringing the show from the West Coast to NYC and what he’d be doing if he hadn’t become an actor.

After his first Broadway run with Jim Parsons, God is coming back to the Great White Way in “An Act of God”—this time in the body of Emmy winner Sean Hayes (“Will & Grace”)—to communicate his updated Ten Commandments.They are not yet married, but they have been engaged for quite some time," a rep for "The Millers" star told Rumor Fix. The fun-loving actor usually opts to stay private on his personal life, but he did speak about his relationship in a 2010 interview with The Advocate, where he came out publicly for the first time. It has made folks aware of the simplicity of humanity and how we are all connected not only through our shared emotions but by the mere fact that we are all part of the human race.And because of that, new characters on television aren’t seen as radical, shocking, scary or new anymore.

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