Who is david blaine dating

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As of now, he is possibly single and Selma Blair is reported to be single too.

and Riverside Drive, as part of a stunt titled "Buried Alive".With a splendid personality and in addition to that, a perfect comic timing is a thing which has made Comedian Mikey Day even more special. After getting busy in the street magic parodies series in the You Tube channel, what is he busy with?Let’s have a look at the present life of Mikey Day and also see whether he is with a girlfriend or has made the speculation right, in our story today.It was during this time that his ability to levitate off of the ground surfaced and, at the urging of his personal physician, Blaine underwent a thorough examination.When Blaine was 21, his mother was stricken with cancer and passed away in 1994.

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